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State of the Maelstrom

The Maelstrom has been very quiet lately. Unfortunately, work interfered for quite some time with our ability to put out content. Multiple jobs and a scramble to pay off some extra bills led to a lot of downtime, and during that downtime our content suffered as a consequence.
With the coming week, that is all going to end. This frantic scraping to make the most of every dollar has been an attempt to put the Maelstrom back at the forefront of our weekly pursuits. New situations have arisen, and we’ve been lucky enough to reach a point where we can divert more time, energy, and money into producing better battle reports for the community that has shown us so much love.
Look for more content starting now, especially with the coming week. We are setting the stage for a strong finish to the year, and we hope all of you will come along for the ride. We’re excited to push better quality into our content, so that our viewers have something even more impressive to watch during their available ti…

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