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Something Infectious is Stirring...

You think you understand despair, mortal? As our armies scour your homeland of everything you know as beauty, you think you’ve come to know the true reality of utter hopelessness. However, you’ve only begun to comprehend this life’s capacity for cruelty. For ten thousand years, I’ve wandered this plane of existence. I’ve staggered through plains of crystallized despair, and slogged through futility that pulled at my knees and threatened to bring me down forever. I’ve been educated as to what lies beyond the grave, and it is not the frivolous hopes of a thousand cultures, vainly grasping at the wind in an attempt to assign meaning to something that is formless and meaningless. I know what fate the mortal soul is consigned to witness, and it is nothing like the shining existence that is so longed after. In truth, utter oblivion would be preferable to the monstrous madness that is actual truth. The morass of pain and depression beckons to me, but where once I found an enemy I now know only…

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