Hobby Progress - All is Dust

Welcome back to the Maelstrom! Some of you have undoubtedly noticed that the Thousand Sons are completely done (at least in their first iteration). While we have more new units to show off in the future, we thought we would share some close-ups of the initial models that we knocked out.

Without further adieu, here are some shots of Ahriman's War Cabal, as they prepare to engage yet another Imperial world in the Long War.

 Ahriman and his sorcerers prepare the Cabal for battle.


Some of the many Demon Engines in Ahriman's employ.

Psychically spawned golems stand at Ahriman's side to protect him. Griff uses these stone mastiffs as his Spawn, and Ahriman's bodyguard.


A small core of Rubricae make up the backbone of the coven.

The Tzaangors march to war at Ahriman's side, fanatical in their attempts to draw his favor.


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